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Captain America

Wet Plate Collodion Photography

Captain America is a symbol, a man holding a shield, he has overwhelming action force and energy, which comes straight to you. In most cases, the portrayal of a fictional character is entirely based on the life experiences of the given writer. The birth of Captain America reflects the experiences of people who suffered in war at that time. He was born from common beliefs and experiences, characterized by fighting against wickedness, bullies, and for oppressed people. I would like to use the wet plate process to photograph Captain America, as if the photographic material like a relic was taken from the grave so as to deliberately create a false reality. The image of Caption America represented on the plate can be traced back to something in the past more than evidence, but show the aura of this man. Benjamin said, “The prolonged exposure caused the photographed to live into the moment, instead of living out of it. During the long exposure, he seemed to have settled into the image.” I try to recreate the" aura"of some captains by means of slow exposure of the glass wet plate process and leave it in the picture even after we leave the world and could still watch the “aura”, the world as well as talk with our viewers which are left behind by photography. This past is always new while the future is a reminder.

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