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Get "Stuck"

Although I didn't know anything, I seemed to know something, and there was a feeling that told me, "you got it." 


In fact, I didn't realize anything. I was just sitting here, starting at a confused beginning and ending at a more confused end.

In the past two years, my life is often "be stuck", stuck in "my own principles", in "the struggle of whether or not to compromise", "it seems difficult for me to make any decision to move forward", and "is it possible that the whole world is right? in the confused that only my persistence is wrong. People often seek meaning in doing things, because people are used to focusing on meaningful things and are equally good at building a meaningful world. For the pictures, meaning corresponds to people 's life, dreams, childhood, desires, etc. However, the image produced by the program language itself has become a neglected island away from the meaning-building continent. In an interview in 1987, photographer Friedlander said: “Other people may move a little for staying away from those obstacles, namely poles or trees, but for me, I will move for recording them in my photos. This is what I usually do, which is sometimes an unconscious act.” Meaningless things created by machines have more possibilities and can deepen such perception and insights. “Those things shown in pictures are not common experiences of a small group.” but are the experiences with more possibilities. Those things can be anything and anywhere. Then I use lines, squares, pictures, and image pixels, from "stuck" in tiny pixels to "stuck" in a model made of squares. I no longer insist on pursuing a result, they become part of myself throughout the process.

Get “Stuck”

Get “Stuck”

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