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Photography is a sort of objective mechanical record. In the process of taking pictures, the camera is the tool and the photographer is the craftsman who clicks the shutter. Photography is not only just a bystander's record, but should also be integrated into the photographed subjects and enter their hearts. To convey more in a picture is the function of therapy. I recorded the lives of five girls with ACEs in five different cities and try to demonstrate their true and essential nature since each of them has their own characteristics. Studying their childhood turns out to be more or less lacking the fatherly companionship. This has a profound influence on their present situation. During the photographing, I have found that photography is not just about recording; it has an effect of healing. In this therapeutic photography, there is little guidance or involvement of professional therapists or counselors. Their soliloquies are arranged next to their pictures. For me, taking pictures of them is a process of recording their confiding. Photography is served as a tool to reveal and console the trauma, which does not mean a mechanical click to capture the moment, but to be part of the subjects. I hope to help them break through the bondage and express their feelings throughout this process during which I can also gain and understand something. For some people, the feeling of being alive is always like fighting one battle after another, I could help them to climb one mountain after another. I still don’t know how to feel about existing, but I am here. I’d like to laugh more. I’d like to love more. I’d like to talk more.

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