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Run Run

"After the game is before the game."

RUN RUN is an experience free-roaming game that consists of abstract feelings and constructing real "dream" scenes. In the process of experience, the audience is invited to create a game soundtrack made through the generated music. Through games, it will explore and think about the relationship between time dimension and experience, loop and memory.



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What if tomorrow is today? There is no tomorrow, tomorrow is today, always today. So is today a dream or a reality? Always in the same state, seeing fixed buildings, meeting the same people, watching them do the same thing. No matter how the Afro-hair boy runs, these people and things will appear meticulously in accordance with the order. Do not stop exploring; keep moving on "today", until the game starts all over again, "the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started." Explore each of the same "today", anything different is good.

The only thing that cannot be changed is that fate must be fought for in the run.

RUN RUN is an experience roaming/immerse game made by Unity. The visual part is made up of Unity and Processing: the scene of Unity is the dream/reality part of "real", while the scene of Processing is the abstract feeling and mental experience of the running character. Trigger the Processing screen from some running positions in the Unity interface. The soundtrack of the game is made by Max/MSP (controlled by TouchOSC).

Follow the link to download my Unity game and explore the entire roaming scene:


Context (scene storyboard)

The piece is visually divided into two parts. One is the dream and reality part, which is divided into two big scenes:
Scenario 1
Forests and the sea, some strange big mushrooms and plants, people dressed differently, dilapidated buildings and sculptures, steps in the air and buildings on the sea.
Scenario 2
There are deserted houses, huge animal farms with all kinds of giant animals, fish and bottles flying in the sky. The boy can ride the horse and ride hot air balloons in this scene.